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First day of uni

2009. February. 17th | 01:33 am
Mood: blah blah

Today was my first day back at uni after over a year. Honestly, it feels so good to be back at uni. Although I'd forgotten how shitty uni room numbering systems can be and spent half an hour running around like an idiot trying to find my lecture room. Of that half hour, probably 10 minutes were spent staring at a map of the building going, "wtf? My room number does not exist!" I'm still convinced it doesn't exist on the map. It's definitely there cos I found it, but it is so not on the map.

Murdoch is... windy. I kept having my skirt blown up in to a giant bubble. And bits of it look like a magnified version of UWA. Like the social science building which reminds me of the arts building except bigger and not as gross looking. I half expected peacocks to appear at any moment.

Travelling to Murdoch is certainly awesome. long train rides amuse me and I don't know why... O.o


2009. January. 27th | 02:59 pm
Mood: bored bored

My internet got slowed down cos I went over the download limit. So bored... In fact, so bored I'm actually posting an entry. Something I only do when I am bored.

The Not-So-Lucky-Pack

2008. September. 22nd | 05:44 pm
Mood: annoyed annoyed

My Baby Lucky pack is here, but I wasn't home to recieve it because I'm at work. It requires personal signature. I mean honestly why? It's a bunch of clothes! And it's been sent to Joondalup when usualy my things go to Clarkson. How am I meant to pick it up?! They're only open week days 9-5 and I work 8-4! By the time I get to Joondalup station it's 10 to 5 already. Grrrrr I hate Perth's trading hours it's stupid! How are people meant to get things done if they work normal hours! And what's wrong with Baby! Why do bunch of clothes need to be signed personaly! No one else does that! So not happy.


2008. September. 18th | 10:15 pm
Location: room
Mood: sick sick

I'm sick! It sucks. I've been feeling weak all day, I think I've been having mild fevers on and off since last night. And my whole body is sore because I sat in front of my computer badly at work the other day. Complaint complaint complaint... I think I'll just fall asleep when I get back from work tomorrow and have an awesomely relax weakend.

Secret Meme

2008. August. 30th | 12:54 am
Location: Room
Mood: hungry hungry

1. ye_old_journal
2. ye_old_journal and pigeon_master
3. No one really.
4. Me
5. tie_dye_scarf
6. cecemarie
7. No one I know. Maybe my mom.
8. ilumiari
9. Panda
10. Pene
11. ye_old_journal
12. pigeon_master
13. tormsen
14. cecemarie
15. snave_
16. ilumiari
17. ye_old_journal
18. cecemarie
19. ilumiari
20. tormsen
21. What does it even mean!?
22. What does it even mean!?
23. I am!
24. I'm certain all my friends have the mental capacity for this.
25. No one comes to mind particularly.
26. Everyone of you when you're drunk.
27. cecemarie
28. snave_
29. Panda! :)
30. Eat more pies! They are tasty!

No more job

2008. August. 5th | 05:13 pm
Mood: hungry hungry

I quit my job today. I did get another job offer but they want me to start next week which I won't be able to do. But I've had enough of my current job so I thought, it's about time I quit. If the new job people won't wait for me, I'll just have to look for another job but I'm not doing this one anymore. Why? cos it's shit. Take my words, do not EVER work for telecommunications. At least not Optus. At least not Central Park Comunications. But hey, feels good to finaly get out of the job. lol


2008. March. 5th | 12:04 am
Mood: sleepy sleepy

Today's post is simply a tribute to the Playstation 3. That is all. Now is time for sleep.

Two posts in one day

2008. February. 1st | 02:02 am
Location: Room
Mood: Fabulously on speed, or coffee Fabulously on speed, or coffee
Music: Nothing

So... Maybe I'm in fact a demon! Mwahahahaha!!! I stole Helen's account. lololol Your friend has been eaten by a demon (me). How else do you explain me her posting twice in one day. Although it's kind of not the same day anymore but hey. I'm really bored so I made a new icon. I mean, about time I changed it right? I have been using the same one for like a bilion years now. Some people were starting to complain notice. It's my beloved Kimbley! *huggles* Taken from one of the newest chapters in the manga. It's pretty much still black and white though cos he's just a pretty black and white guy, but simple is best no? Now I must go find something else to occupy my time.

Sweeney Todd

2008. January. 31st | 07:50 pm
Location: Room
Mood: Fabulously energetic Fabulously energetic
Music: Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (on repeat since sometime last week)

I went to see Sweeney Todd today with Michael. It was pretty good. So funny and some of the music were really cute. You know I never got what's so sexy about Johnny Depp before this movie, but he's totally hot in this film. Yes yes I am a a crazy woman who only falls for mad men. Speaking of sexy mad men, Kimbley from Full Metal Alchemist is also really sexy! *drools* He was such a shit character in the anime with no personality to speak of, but in the manga, he's just awesome! In the flash back to the Ishbal war, I was like, "why isn't he crazy and lots hotter in the manga." And then when I saw him in his suit, I was just like, "OFMOMFIJA!!! Drool." So I guess in some ways I still haven't grown up yet.

In other news, I took advantage of the Sony offer and got myself a Bravia TV. Now it’s just waiting for my PS3 to get here. *munch munch* First thing I did was watching Advent Children on the big nice TV. It was really an experience. I’d never seen that movie on a half decent screen before so I was so happy. *cries* And then I went and played FFI... Yes, I get myself a nice TV and I use it to play something that came out of the NES, so bite me.

There goes my update for today, and possibly for the year. Enjoy it while it lasted my dear friends and any randoms who were unfortunate enough to happen upon this journal. Now you’ll all die!!! Mwahahaha die from... crabs... or something... I don’t know. O.o

Sore toes

2007. December. 13th | 06:29 am
Location: Room
Mood: Fabulously weirded out Fabulously weirded out
Music: Computer's beautiful voice of: I'm running! Yay!

I'm injured! Yesterday, these usually comfy shoes somehow managed to take off a huge chunk of skin on one of my toes. It's weird because they are usually comfy and have never gaven me blisters before, at least not any that I can remember so even if they have, the blisters must have been very small. Now you may think it's not such a big deal and does not count as injury, well that's what I thought, so I just put some bandaid on them. Alas I was so wrong and when I woke up this morning, I discovered that I couldn't walk! It just hurt too much to put pressure on that foot that every step was pain! So I hopped along and put on some betadine and changed the bandaid. I was so freaked out though and thought I couldn't do anything today other than sit here. However when I got up just a minute ago to... I can't remember what I wanted to do, I found that I could walk again! The swelling must have gone down. Yay! I was worried I would be disabled for days and days or something (and miss Wai-Con! Noooooooooooooooooooooo).

On that note, sometimes my feet swell up for no apparent reason in the morning and go down pretty quickly. I swear it's not a good thing.