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The Not-So-Lucky-Pack

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2008. September. 22nd | 05:44 pm
Mood: annoyed annoyed

My Baby Lucky pack is here, but I wasn't home to recieve it because I'm at work. It requires personal signature. I mean honestly why? It's a bunch of clothes! And it's been sent to Joondalup when usualy my things go to Clarkson. How am I meant to pick it up?! They're only open week days 9-5 and I work 8-4! By the time I get to Joondalup station it's 10 to 5 already. Grrrrr I hate Perth's trading hours it's stupid! How are people meant to get things done if they work normal hours! And what's wrong with Baby! Why do bunch of clothes need to be signed personaly! No one else does that! So not happy.

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