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Sweeney Todd

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2008. January. 31st | 07:50 pm
Location: Room
Mood: Fabulously energetic Fabulously energetic
Music: Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (on repeat since sometime last week)

I went to see Sweeney Todd today with Michael. It was pretty good. So funny and some of the music were really cute. You know I never got what's so sexy about Johnny Depp before this movie, but he's totally hot in this film. Yes yes I am a a crazy woman who only falls for mad men. Speaking of sexy mad men, Kimbley from Full Metal Alchemist is also really sexy! *drools* He was such a shit character in the anime with no personality to speak of, but in the manga, he's just awesome! In the flash back to the Ishbal war, I was like, "why isn't he crazy and lots hotter in the manga." And then when I saw him in his suit, I was just like, "OFMOMFIJA!!! Drool." So I guess in some ways I still haven't grown up yet.

In other news, I took advantage of the Sony offer and got myself a Bravia TV. Now it’s just waiting for my PS3 to get here. *munch munch* First thing I did was watching Advent Children on the big nice TV. It was really an experience. I’d never seen that movie on a half decent screen before so I was so happy. *cries* And then I went and played FFI... Yes, I get myself a nice TV and I use it to play something that came out of the NES, so bite me.

There goes my update for today, and possibly for the year. Enjoy it while it lasted my dear friends and any randoms who were unfortunate enough to happen upon this journal. Now you’ll all die!!! Mwahahaha die from... crabs... or something... I don’t know. O.o

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