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Two posts in one day

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2008. February. 1st | 02:02 am
Location: Room
Mood: Fabulously on speed, or coffee Fabulously on speed, or coffee
Music: Nothing

So... Maybe I'm in fact a demon! Mwahahahaha!!! I stole Helen's account. lololol Your friend has been eaten by a demon (me). How else do you explain me her posting twice in one day. Although it's kind of not the same day anymore but hey. I'm really bored so I made a new icon. I mean, about time I changed it right? I have been using the same one for like a bilion years now. Some people were starting to complain notice. It's my beloved Kimbley! *huggles* Taken from one of the newest chapters in the manga. It's pretty much still black and white though cos he's just a pretty black and white guy, but simple is best no? Now I must go find something else to occupy my time.

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