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No More Essays

2007. October. 30th | 03:16 am
Location: Room
Mood: Fabulously tired Fabulously tired
Music: Opening Theme of Silent Hill 2

I handed in my essay, so no more essays! Why am I still up so late doing procrastinaty things? Well, maybe it's because exam is in about 10 days, or maybe I'm just being weird. Honestly, I'm just being weird. I'm really sleepy but don't want to go to sleep. So you can say I'm just procrastinating about gonig to bed.

In other news, I pre-ordered Wai-Con tickets today after being sent an e-mail telling me that pre-registration closes on Wednesday. That put a health dent shaped like a $25 note in my wallet, if there ever was such a thing. My dad was nice enough to randomly give me $50 out of nowhere though so it's all good now. And by all good I mean I can still go spend rediculous amount of money on ebay.

Look at what I got today! Click on it to make it bigger!
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And no the one in the photo is not me,I don't have a digital camera. I just copied the picture from the shop I got the stockings from. That will also explain the writing across the picture.


2007. October. 28th | 08:24 am

It's procrastination time! I'm currently writing my stupid essay which is due tomorrow. I still don't have enough references but I'm just going to have to ignore that. I researched heaps but I'm too crap at finding English references online so I only found three that are sort of relevant. Now I'm procrastinating! Lalalalala... But I should really get back to working or else I will be up until 4pm tomorrow trying to get it in by 5.

The Doom Post

2007. October. 25th | 08:29 pm
Location: Room
Mood: crazy crazy
Music: Naruto Main Theme

So yeah... First entry this year YAAAAH! Or is it? I don't know, can't be bothered checking. It's almost the end of the year already! The stores are putting out Xmas crap again. I saw the cutest um... Christmas thing the other day. It was cute... but I can't seem to remember what it was. I think it might have been a house or something.

Anyway. So I'm graduating at the end of this year, if I don't fail anything. Of course the key word is not fail anything (wait that's three words). It's not looking too good right now because I have a 60% essay due on Monday and I haven't started yet. Instead I'm writing on my live journal. It's pretty obvious that I am procrastinating now isn't it.

So pretending that this isn't a procrastination update but a genuine update. I bought PJs for summer. And I hugged a cat last night. She looked angry but was purring so I assumed she was happy.

Now I'm bored! Yay for short attention span! Not that it was all that short! So off now.


2006. December. 26th | 01:21 am
Mood: amused amused
Music: Jedi Mind Tricks - Blood Runs Cold

I'm bored so I wanted to do stupid online quizes. The result is kindda cool so I posted it up. As you can see, the only reason I got goth is because I had to answer the tie breaker question, which was, "which is more true: I follow the rules of fashion or I wear a lot of black and make up" I thought I wear black more than I follow fashion. It's kindda funny I got the same amont of trendyness and gothness. Maybe goth is trendy and trendy is goth. Seeing as I am so individual and cool, and thinks "groups" are like, so uncool. I'm going to start my own group now based on an the result of an online quiz, and it'll be called "Trendy Goth". anyone in?

You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!






Rocker, Mosher






Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev




What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ect
created with QuizFarm.com

Edit: OMG I just did anothing one of those and I got a tie breaker too, I'm not THAT special am I? These quizes must really suck.

You scored as Loner. YOU HAVE NO SOCIAL LIFE! thats ok










Emo Kid












What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?
created with QuizFarm.com


2006. May. 22nd | 01:38 am
Mood: cheerful cheerful

Has anyone seen Eurovision this year? I haven't! lol but I saw one of the semi-finals. How awesome is LT United from Lithuania? They are just so cool. I can't believe they qualified for the finals. It's a pity they didn't win cos they were clearly the best performance out there. But still Finland's pretty awesome.

(no subject)

2006. April. 16th | 04:22 pm
Mood: bored bored

Happy Ester everyone! I haven't updated my journal in the longest time! Anyway, lots of stuffs have happened but they are not all that interesting. I basically just bought games for the past well... a long time. Lots and lots of games... Stupid PS2 suddenly decided that it's a good time to release a billion RPGs at the same time! There goes all my money flying straight to EB. Why can't they spread it out more, I mean, there's been pretty much no RPGs since the PS2 was released, until now. So stupid.

Holiday is good. Japanese is bad. I keep failing tests cos I can't be bothered studying for them... It's just so hard to study grammar when every second word I have to look up a dictionary cos my vocabulary is the worst. Sure hope I can past this last one we just had.

In other news, I think I'm sick. My throat's been hurting for days, it's very annoying. I don't seem to have any other symptoms though. How strange...

Anyway, there's my update. It's not very interesting... I just wanted to write something here cos I haven't in ages.


2005. October. 6th | 12:30 pm

This is such a good one I had to post it:

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Color
Favorite LJ Friend
Why are you here?
Best Friend.snave_
Secret Crush.drayke_
Perverted Friendsnave_
Demon in disquise.tormsen
Is actually a member of the Opposite Gender.snave_
Wants to rape you.ye_old_journal
Will ask you to marry them one day.ye_old_journal
Will marry an inanimate object.snave_
This Fun Quiz created by Zionel at BlogQuiz.Net
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2005. October. 4th | 10:54 pm
Mood: sleepy sleepy
Music: john denver - autograph

I have bought new glasses! New prescriptions and new frames! And this time the frames don't look exactly like a smaller version of my old ones! Once I got some frames and my ex-boyfriend said, "They're not new glasses." And he was right... they looked exactly like my old ones except a bit smaller. Same colour same shape, I'm not kidding. I suck at picking out glasses, cos I can never see when I'm trying them on, my eyes are really bad and on top of that those glasses' lenses always have writings on them.

Well, that's my glasses, I also picked up Virtual Fighter 4 for $12.95. Don't ask me why I did that... Well, actually if you asked me I'd just say, "Cos it's cheap! cheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapcheapchirpchirpchirpchirpchirpchirp!" So there. Also got Fahrenheit, I was gonna buy it at EB but the guy couldn't find the game... (Or maybe he just didn't want me to buy it cos he's EVIL!!!!) I got it from JB instead it was about the same price... exactly the same I think... But I'm not really sure.

I also bought a skirt! It's green, and it's in the newest fashion of weird adventure into the exotic countries of non-existenceness type of skirt... I don't know what they're called... But they're in fashion! For once the fashion isn't entirely made of poop infested rotting kitten intestines (just mostly made of it)!

Pants of Doom

2005. July. 1st | 05:07 am
Mood: accomplished accomplished

Guess what guys! I bought pants! I in fact bought three pairs of them! One of them are a bit small though it turns out after I tried them on when I ate and could sit down. lol so yes... I am going to go back at some point and exchange them for a better fitting pair. And I also bought jumpers. I am so proud of myself for I did not buy any skirts, tops or dresses which usually distract me from pants and jumpers.

I also bought Kingdom Hearts. Yes I have been shopping since I finished my exams. The game isn't actually isn't as bad as I thought it would be. lol The start of the game is kind of creepy. I thought, "Hey... This is a lot creepier than the usual Disney or even Square stuff..."

Yeah that's about it...

Oral Presentations

2005. May. 29th | 11:45 pm
Mood: melancholy melancholy

Only two oral presentaions to go before I can be free! Free I say FREE!!!!!! Free to study for my exams that is. *sigh* Stupid oral presentations. And I am so not looking forward to exams. Though the holiday that follows will be welcomed. Well, good luck to you all who have exams comming up. Also shall curse you Niina, who doesn't have exams. Grrrrrrrrrr